America Visa Application Form (DS-60) Filling Guide

The America visa application form, also known as DS-160 is an essential process for any foreigner who wishes to visit the United States of America. The application process can be tedious and confusing, as many legal conditions have to be met. Therefore, this article focuses on providing a filling guide for the America Visa application form (DS-160) and will answer frequently asked questions to simplify the process for you.

What is the I-20 form?

Before diving into the America visa application process, let’s briefly discuss what the I-20 form is. The I-20 form is a document that universities present to international students. It signifies that the student is qualified to enroll in their university. It’s worth noting that the I-20 form is mandatory to receive a student visa to America.

Getting started: Filling out the DS-160 form

First, it’s necessary to visit the US Department of State website to fill the DS-160 form online. There are several sections that you need to fill in and we will cover some essential sections below:

1. Personal Information

This section requires personal information of the applicant, i.e., full name, address, passport number, birthdate, and marital status. It’s essential to fill in this section without any discrepancies because your information will be used to conduct background checks during your visa application process.

2. Travel Information

The second section requires you to provide your travel information, including when you plan to travel, the reason for your visit, the duration of the trip, and the address of where you will be staying.

3. Work/Education History

In this section, you will be required to fill in your professional and educational background. This information is used to assess your eligibility for visas and helps the embassy assess any potential threats to American national security.

4. Family Information

The applicant must provide information about their parents, spouses, children, etc. It’s essential to note that any discrepancies in this information could lead to delays in the application process, which could negatively impact your travel plans.

5. Security and Background Information

This section of the DS-160 form is extremely crucial because it contains a series of questions related to terrorism, criminal background, and drug usage. Answering yes to any of these questions doesn’t automatically disqualify you from obtaining a visa, but leaving it blank or lying can put your eligibility at risk. Therefore, it’s important to answer all questions truthfully.

6. Supporting Document Upload

After filling the DS-160 Form, the applicant is required to upload some necessary documents to support their visa application. The documents are usually determined based on the category of visa you are applying for. The documents commonly required are; a valid passport, recent passport-sized photograph, affidavit of support, college transcript, and I-20 form.

7. Schedule Consular Appointment

After filling and submitting the DS-160 form, the applicant is required to schedule a consular appointment at the embassy. Pay the non-refundable visa fee and print the confirmation page as proof of payment. Note that the embassy may have specific requirements for the payment process.

FAQs on DS-160 Form Filling Guide

Q: How long does it take to fill out the DS-160 Form?

A: The average time it takes to fill out a DS-160 form is approximately 60 minutes. However, ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date to avoid delays.

Q: Do I need to upload documents to the DS-160 form?

A: Yes, supporting documents are required when filling out the DS-160 form. These documents are usually dependent on the category of visa being applied.

Q: Can someone fill out the DS-160 form on my behalf?

A: Yes, someone can fill out the DS-160 form on your behalf, but the information entered must be accurate and truthful. The individual entering the information will take full responsibility for any discrepancies found in the data.

Q: How long does it take to process my DS-160?

A: The processing time may vary based on individual circumstances. However, the United States Embassy typically processes visa applications in between five (5) to fifteen (15) working days.

Q: How many times can I refill the DS-160 form?

A: The DS-160 form can be refilled as many times as possible before the submission deadline. However, the information entered must be accurate and truthful.


The DS-160 form filling process can be a long and frustrating process. However, it’s essential to note that patience and accuracy are crucial. This article provides a guide to filling the DS-60 form for foreigners who intend to travel to America. With careful attention to the information provided in this article, you will be able to fill out the DS-160 form correctly, accurately, and confidently.

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