Rights of Those Giving Birth in Germany

Giving birth is one of the biggest milestones in a woman’s life. It is critical to be aware of your rights concerning the birth process, especially if you are living in Germany. The country has some laws that protect the rights of pregnant women, both during and after birth. In this article, we will highlight the rights of those giving birth in Germany and answer some FAQs related to this topic.

The Rights of Those Giving Birth in Germany

1. Choice of Birthplace

Giving birth in Germany is flexible, and mothers are given the right to choose their birthplace. They can give birth at home or in a hospital. Most health insurance covers both home and hospital births. The decision of where to give birth is left to the expectant mother.

2. Customized Health Care

Pregnant women in Germany have the right to personalized healthcare from their midwives and doctors. The care they receive is based on their current health, their medical history, and their preferences. Expectant mothers should have access to all information about their healthcare provider, including their qualifications and experience.

3. Pregnancy Leave

Expectant mothers in Germany can take up to 6 weeks of leave before the due date and eight weeks after the baby is born. This time is known as “maternity leave” and is paid by the state. In some cases, a mother can take more time off if she has medical reasons to do so.

4. Parental Leave

Both parents can take parental leave in Germany. Parental leave can last up to three years, and the state pays a portion of the salary during that time. The parents can split the leave between them, and each parent can take up to one year of leave.

5. Postpartum Care

In Germany, every mother has access to postpartum care. After giving birth, midwives visit the mother at home for up to ten days. Postpartum care helps new mothers adjust to their new roles and take care of their newborns. Mothers should take advantage of this service as it helps them recover from birth and establish a healthy routine.


1. Do I have the right to an epidural during childbirth in Germany?

Yes, mothers giving birth in Germany have access to epidurals upon request.

2. Do I have to pay for postnatal care in Germany?

No, postnatal care is covered by your health insurance in Germany.

3. Can my partner be present for the birth of our child in Germany?

Yes, your partner can be present during your birth in Germany.

4. Can I choose the delivery position during birth in Germany?

Yes, mothers have the right to choose their delivery position during birth.


Expectant mothers have many rights in Germany, including the choice of birthplace, personalized healthcare, pregnancy leave, parental leave, and postpartum care. These rights aim to guarantee safe and equitable childbirth experiences. Mothers in Germany must be aware of their rights, so they can make informed decisions about their healthcare. Always remember that childbirth is a beautiful, life-changing experience, and every mother deserves fair treatment and support.

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