Schengen Visa Photo: Features

Schengen Visa Photo: Features and Guidelines

One of the essential requirements for obtaining a Schengen visa is to submit a recent passport-size photo. The photo must meet the specifications set by the Schengen Area member states, which include a size of 35x45mm and a white background. This article will discuss the features and guidelines of Schengen visa photos to help applicants prepare and submit their applications with ease.

Features of Schengen Visa Photos

The following are the features of Schengen visa photos:

1. Size: The photo must measure 35x45mm. This measurement is similar to the size of a standard passport photo.

2. Background: The background of the photo must be white and uniform. No shadows or patterns should be visible in the background.

3. Expression: The applicant’s expression should be neutral, with the mouth closed and eyes open and looking directly at the camera. No smiling is allowed, and the applicant’s face should not be covered by hair or glasses.

4. Head position: The applicant’s face must be positioned in the center of the photo. The head should not be tilted, and the applicant’s face should occupy a minimum of 70% of the photo’s area.

5. Quality: The photo must be of good quality, with high resolution and sharp focus. No blurring or overexposure should be present in the image.

Guidelines for Schengen Visa Photos

To ensure that the visa application procedure goes smoothly, applicants should adhere to specific guidelines when taking their Schengen visa photos. The following are the most significant guidelines:

1. Lighting: The lighting should be even, without creating harsh shadows or bright spots. Natural lighting or studio lighting is recommended.

2. Camera: The camera used for taking the photo must have a minimum of five megapixels and produce high-quality images.

3. Clothing: The applicant should wear clothing that contrasts with the white background. Dark colored clothing is recommended.

4. Hair and makeup: The applicant should avoid hair accessories that obstruct the face, and the hairstyle should be tied back. Minimal makeup is preferred.

5. Facial expression: The applicant should not smile in the photo, and the mouth should be closed. Glasses are not allowed in the photo, and the applicant should not tilt their head.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wear glasses in my Schengen visa photo?

No. Glasses are not allowed in the photo. If you wear glasses on a daily basis, you must remove them when taking the photo for your visa application.

2. Can I use a previous passport photo for my Schengen visa application?

No. The photo must be recent and taken within the last three months.

3. Do I need to get a professional photographer to take my Schengen visa photo?

No. As long as you follow the guidelines, you can take the photo yourself or have it taken by someone else.

4. Can I smile in my Schengen visa photo?

No. Your expression should be neutral, with your mouth closed.

5. Can I have my hair down in my Schengen visa photo?

No. Your hair should be tied back, and no accessories should obstruct your face.


The Schengen visa photo is an essential aspect of the visa application process. It is essential to follow the guidelines set by the Schengen Area member states to ensure that your photo is accepted. By adhering to the features and guidelines discussed above, applicants can confidently submit their visa applications with a recent, high-quality Schengen visa photo.

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