UK Visa Interview and Interview Questions

Everything You Need to Know About UK Visa Interviews

Applying for a visa to the United Kingdom can be a lengthy and complex process. But one of the most crucial steps in the application process is the visa interview.

Whether you’re applying for a student visa, work visa or any other type of visa, you will likely need to go through an interview to confirm your eligibility to travel to the UK. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the UK visa interview process, what types of questions you might be asked and provide some tips to help you prepare.

What is a UK Visa Interview?

A UK visa interview is a face-to-face conversation between an applicant and a representative of the UK government in which the applicant is questioned about their reasons for traveling to the UK and their eligibility for a visa. Visa interviews are conducted to verify the information provided in the visa application and to ensure that the applicant meets the requirements for the visa type they have applied for.

Types of UK Visa Interviews

There are two types of UK visa interviews:

  1. In-person interviews: You may be called for an in-person interview at the UK visa application center in your home country. In-person interviews are conducted when the UK government needs more information to make a decision or if they suspect that you may not meet the requirements of the visa you have applied for.
  2. Telephone interviews: Telephone interviews may be conducted in cases where an in-person interview is not possible or practical, such as in times of a pandemic or if the applicant is unable to travel to the visa application center due to distance.

What Questions are Asked in a UK Visa Interview?

The questions that will be asked in a UK visa interview depend on the type of visa you have applied for and your individual circumstances. However, some common questions that applicants may be asked during a UK visa interview include:

  1. What is the purpose of your trip to the UK?
  2. How long will you be staying in the UK?
  3. What do you plan to do during your stay in the UK?
  4. What is your current employment status?
  5. What is your monthly income?
  6. Have you ever been refused a UK visa?
  7. Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?
  8. Have you traveled to any other countries in the past?
  9. Do you have any relatives or contacts in the UK?
  10. Do you have any medical conditions that would require special attention while traveling?

Preparing for a UK Visa Interview

The prospect of a UK visa interview can be stressful, but good preparation can help ease your nerves and make the interview process smoother. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your UK visa interview:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the visa requirements: Review the visa requirements for the type of visa you have applied for to ensure that you have included all the necessary documents and meet the criteria.
  2. Practice answering interview questions: Try to anticipate the types of questions that you may be asked and practice responding to them with confidence and clarity.
  3. Bring supporting documents: Bring all supporting documents that were requested as part of your visa application, as well as any additional ones you believe may help your case.
  4. Dress appropriately: Dress appropriately and professionally for your interview to convey that you are serious and respectful of the process.
  5. Be honest and straightforward: Answer questions honestly and straightforwardly, as providing false or misleading information can lead to your visa application being refused.


1. Can I skip the UK visa interview?

No, if you are required to have a visa interview, it is mandatory and cannot be skipped.

2. How long will my UK visa interview last?

The duration of your UK visa interview will depend on the type of visa you have applied for and the interviewer, but generally, interviews last from 10 to 30 minutes.

3. What happens if my visa is rejected?

If your UK visa is rejected, you have the right to appeal the decision within 28 days of receiving the refusal notice. If your appeal is also rejected, you may be able to seek a judicial review of the decision in the courts.

4. Will the interviewer decide if I get a visa?

No, the decision of whether or not to grant a UK visa rests solely with the UK government, based on the information provided in your application and the results of the interview.

5. Can I bring an interpreter to my UK visa interview?

If you have difficulty communicating in English, you can bring an interpreter with you to your UK visa interview. However, the interpreter must be over the age of 18 and cannot be a family member.

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