How Much Bank Statement is Required for UK Visit Visa

When applying for a UK visit visa, one of the mandatory documents is a bank statement. This proves you have sufficient funds to cover your trip to the UK. Here is a guide on how much bank statement you need for a UK visit visa:

6 Months of Bank Statements

The general rule is you must provide your last 6 months of bank statements when applying for a UK visitor visa. This means 6 full months of statements – not just a 30-day statement.

Why 6 Months of Statements?

Requiring 6 months of bank statements allows UK Visas and Immigration to:

  • Review a longer transaction history
  • Verify the origin of funds in your account
  • Check for any suspicious deposits
  • Confirm you meet the financial requirement consistently over time

What Should the 6 Months Show?

The 6 months of bank statements should demonstrate:

  • Consistent balance above the required funds for your trip.
  • Regular income/deposits to your account.
  • No suspicious or unexplained deposits.

How Much Funds Do I Need?

For a standard visitor visa, you must show funds above £1000 per month you plan to stay in the UK. For example, if you are staying for 10 days, £1000 x 1 month = £1000.

Additional funds are needed if you have dependants. You also need to show you have return flight tickets booked.

Additional Tips

  • Highlight key areas if your statements are long.
  • Add notes explaining large deposits or transfers.
  • Get an official bank stamp on each statement.

In summary, submit 6 full months of original bank statements showing regular income and sufficient balance for your entire UK trip. This provides visa officers confidence you can cover your costs.

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